za Vaš uspjeh NA PODRUČJU turizma

Maksimalna popunjenost smještajniih kapaciteta
Ušteda vremena i novca
Znatno veća zarada
43 000+
4 500+
smještajnih jedinica
110 000+
kanala prodaje

Zajedničkim snagama

do uspjeha

Na vama je samo da dočekate gosta, budete dobar domaćin i naplatite svoj trud, a naš posvećen tim će raditi ono u čemu je najbolji!

0 eura troškova

Jer smo sigurni u rezultate naših usluga!

Nakon što startujemo saradnju i počnete da ubirate plodove našeg rada u vidu popunjavanja kapaciteta, vi nam se tek tada revanširate procentom u iznosu od 15% od ostvarenih rezervacija koje su rezultat našeg angažmana.

24-hour support for you and your guests

We provide a 24-hour connection with our reservation agent who is in charge of your accommodation.

Our job is to make your properties maximally visible on all sales channels, as well as in other places on the Internet.

We manage the availability and prices, communicate by phone and email with the guest when booking and queries, support you and your guests throughout the entire booking process and their stay in the accommodation.

We take care of the realization of possible advance payments, as well as other payment methods.

Regularly and timely we report you on the daily and monthly levels of all our activities and their results.

We provide the facility manager
as a supervisor to the agent

To maximize profits, the sales manager monitors the activity of competitors and their prices.

Intervenes if capacity sales are stationary.

Coordinates that guests are channeled to direct booking sources to give you the most savings.

Communicates with you on any questions and helps resolve any issues during your stay.

Determines the details of your accommodation. He advises how to best prepare it for release and constantly analyzes and monitors the competition to maximize sales of available capacity.

Follow the developments and events near the accommodation.

Complete branding and website design

Our job is to create promotional texts, marketing material, multimedia content and complete visual identity of the property.

We design a logo, a website with the online reservation system, and create, keep up and brand your pages on social media with a continuous online campaign.

Creating promotional photos
and videos of the property

We professionally photograph and record your accommodation and process material to maximize the visibility of your property.

Free internet promotion
on social networks and portals of our creation

Sales channels

We save your time and make your facility as visible as possible on sales channels!

We give suggestions and tips to improve sales by analyzing your profile statuses and how they are managed on online channels like, Expedia,, Hotelbeds, HRS, HotelPlanner, Tripadvisor, Airbnb, Homeaway, etc.

We do a market analysis and opinion on the prices for the calendar year.

We complete and optimize profiles, descriptions, and photos, optimize availability and pricing calendars.

We analyze reviews and suggestions to improve the business according to guest comments.

You stay in control of your accommodation

Our cooperation does not limit or oblige you when it comes to your accommodation. You can still fill and promote it, both through your channels and through other agencies!



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